Gua Sha and Roller could be considered two of the secrets of Eternal Youth came from the Chinese Empresses to the Modern Goddesses.

 Quartz Gua Sha because it is a Chakra Healing Gemstone. Known as the healer of the Heart or 4th Chakra Stone and one of the great powerful crystals, Rose Quartz can help to self-love. The facial Gua Sha massage is a natural holistic treatment. The ergonomic design of its tool - perfect to adapt to the shape and contours of the face - helps having youthful and healthy skin. Gua Sha tool can help to move qi (energy in the meridians), increase blood circulation, and move lymphatic fluid. With use over time, the increase of blood circulation can help to stimulate skin cell regeneration for a youthful, radiant glow. This unique antic tool is for professional or at home use and excellent addition to any skin routine. It is indicated for all types of skin, perfect for sensitive, dry and oily skin.

+ promotes anti-aging & regenerate skin cells
+ reduces inflammation & removes toxins
+ drains lymphatic fluid & depuffs skin
+ relieves stress and tension
+ reduces fine lines and wrinkles
+ improves elasticity of the skin
+ stimulate collagen production
+ tones facial muscles
+ makes smooth and glowing skin
+ reduces skin pigmentation
+ reduces dark circles
+ reduces acne and rosacea
+ helps products absorb better

Tips & Care
To properly using the Tool avoiding marks on the skin you are advised to use a light hand technique with facial oil. Proceed after cleansing and toning to have more benefits. Oil will help the Gua Sha glide across the skin, while the tool will help the facial oil to absorb better, increasing its power. Place the Gua Sha in the refrigerator before use for extra cooling effects. Using instruction see the picture. Wash it after use with just water.

100% Rose Quartz. Each tool is a piece of nature, so it will be unique and differ in size and color.