The Ultimate in Luxury Goddess Hair Care is our Silk Turban SILKCROWN.
It is made of 100% Mulberry Silk and comes in a set with a signed Clip. This is our trademark and THE BEDDHA exclusive proposal.

If you suffer with split ends, a combination of oily roots and dry tips, frizz, and never-growing baby hair you should try a silk turban. We designed SILKCROWN to extend and increase at day the benefits that our silk pillowcase gives you at night. Wrapping hair in a silk turban during your leisure time at home you will have strengthening, lengthening, thickening and protection throughout the Anagen (growing) phase of your hair. 

A silk turban helps to extend your hairstyle too! Silk is less absorbent than any other fabric, leaving hair more hydrated, glowing, and healthier. The composition of the silk is very similar to human skin cells. So it won’t strip away precious moisture and natural oils from your hair, on the contrary, your natural oils, the best possible food for your hair, are distributed along the entire hair shaft. So greasy hair days are few and far between.

Definitely our silk turban is a perfect way to keep your hairstyle in good condition but it can be also used as a jolly in your urban outfits when you rush but don't want to give up at your look. In this way you also minimise the damage caused by heated hair tools from repetitive restyling and save your time. In addiction you protect your crown from humidity, smog, kitchen steam and smell, air conditioner. No more bad hair days, just healhy hair!

SILKCROWN with its design really wraps your crown, we used a several quantity of silk to fit also long hair, it is not a cap. SILKCROWN is a stylish, posh and powerful accessory perfect for every Goddess and her outfits.
A strong woman is recognisable from her crown... and as it does on a queen it makes you also seem taller!